Opening hours

Get in touch to make an appointment. 

Mon 8am – 5pm
Tues 8am – 5pm
Thurs 8am – 3pm

Additional evening appointments may also be available on request.
The clinic is very busy, but if your problem is urgent Samantha will always try and fit you in as soon as she can.

What to expect

Your first consultation:
– 55 minutes long
– a detailed review of your health
– your first treatment

Your subsequent appointment:
– 40 minutes long
– a review of your health progress
– your ongoing treatment

Feeling fully heard

Samantha will listen to your health concerns.  She’ll ask a wide range of questions about your current problem and your health history.
You may not see your symptoms as fitting into a coherent picture, but Samantha will assess your individual health in a fully holistic way. 
All the information you give will help her formulate your individual treatment plan. Everything you tell Samantha will be treated with the highest standards of client confidentiality.

“Every day is different, every hour is different! I love it when people open up to me, when they trust me and confide in me. It is important to me that I’m doing something worthwhile!.”
Samantha Hartig, Balance Acupuncture

Listening to your body

Samantha will also feel the pulses on your wrists and look at your tongue. These are traditional Chinese tools for diagnosis and will reveal more about the state of your health.

Any questions?

Read more about Samantha, about your acupuncture treatment, or our FAQs.