How are you feeling?

  • Do you have a concern with your health?
  • Are you experiencing pain?
  • Do you have an injury or a long standing problem?
  • Or do you just not feel like your old self?

How about exploring the potential benefits acupuncture can bring to your health and wellbeing?

The official bit

The law requires any therapeutic claims to be supported by up to date, higher level, quantitive clinical evidence. Whereas international scientific research into Chinese medicine is very active, there are some areas where higher quality, clinical evidence is insufficient. Furthermore, this holistic and highly individualised treatment may not be amendable to western scientific studies. 

In 2017 the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd released a comparative literature review on the state of the evidence regarding acupuncture – The Acupuncture Evidence Project

The conditions and symptoms listed on this website only include those for which there is higher standard of evidence of effectiveness of acupuncture. There are many more conditions where acupuncture may be effective but current western scientific evidence is insufficient or unclear.

Samantha would be delighted in discussing any conditions with you, please get in touch.

How acupuncture can help

Whether you have a condition that is affecting your quality of life, or whether you are just feeling out of sorts, acupuncture may be able to help. 

Acupuncture in South East Melbourne

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